Grill Guards

Herd Grill Guard/Bumper Combo Aero LT:

This grill guard/bumper combo is made out of aluminum. The uprights are made pit of a 3” tubing with an oval bar above the bumper to mount driving lights. It is available for most recent model HD pick-ups.

Herd Aero LT Website

Herd Grill Guard/Bumper Combo Excel:

This grill guard/combo gives the same protection as the Aero LT with a different design.

Herd XL Website


Herd Sport Bumper:

This is a aluminum bumper replacemnt with a 3” upper tube to help protect your grill.

Herd Sport Website

Go Industry Rancher Grill Guard:

Go Industries' one-piece, fully welded Rancher Grille Guard provides the maximum front end protection for the headlight and grille areas of your truck . This grille guard is constructed of 1.9", 14 gauge steel tubing and one-quarter inch, laser-cut steel uprights. The center section is 16 gauge steel with one-half inch punched holes

Rancher Website

Go Industry Big Tex Grill Guard:

The Big Tex is the original grille guard on the market today with an entire frame made from 1.9 inch tubing. Its unique design, heavy outside welds and giant size results in a stylish grille guard that won't bend, flex or vibrate when in use

Big Tex Website


Westin HDX Grill Guard:

This is a stainless steel grill guard with 2” tubing and centre punched insert to protect your grill. It is also available in a powder coat black.

Westin HDX Website

Euro Style Grill Guard:

This grill guard compliments the front end of your vehicle while giving it added protection. They come in a powder coated black or Stainless Steel. They are manufactured by companies such as:

Westin / Aires / and U-Guard