Checker Plate Tool Boxes


CP Chest Tool Boxes 001

44" Challenger Chest Tool Box: 

This chest tool box is great for short box trucks as it will fit in between the wheel wells of 5.5ft truck boxes. It also works well when put between side boxes as shown in the picture.

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CP Chest Tool Boxes 007

60" Challenger Chest Tool Box:

This chest tool box works great with most 5th wheels. It will fit most of today's truck boxes as it has a slanted front for short boxes. It will not fit the trucks though with boxes shorter than 6.5ft.

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Seal Tite Chest Tool Box: 

This tool box is made by the same manufacturer of the Challenger line, but is their higher end series. It has a push button latch rather than the paddle style latch that comes on the challenger line.

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Toper Toolboxes

Challenger Topper Side Tool Boxes:

These side tool boxes fit on top of the side of your truck. They are available in 72", 90", and also 96" lengths.

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CP 5748 2

Challenger Side Tool Boxes:

These side tool boxes are available in 3 different lengths. 48", 60" and also 72". They come with one sliding tray for handy storage.

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cp 5150

Challenger Crossover Tool Box:

This popular style tool box is available in 3 different styles. The gull wing, which is shown here, single lid and also a C channel which is 2 lids that open towards the cab of the truck. These boxes also come with a sliding tray.

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