Financial Incentives

These top-notch cooler pads will bring more interested customers and drive sales for your business. In addition to being in high demand, the profit potential is also more favourable than other truck shop displays. Check out the pricing breakdown below to see how profitable your franchise can be when selling our custom pads to go with LINE-X’s indestructible cooler.

Retail Pricing
20QT 45QT 75QT 110QT
Coolers $200.00 $285.00 $380.00 $550.00
Custom Pad $80.00 $115.00 $170.00 $200.00
Package $280.00 $400.00 $550.00 $750.00

Product Costs

How much will this product cost in coordination with our LINE-X cooler?

Franchisee Cost
20QT 45QT 75QT 110QT
Coolers $117.34 $164.92 $222.51 $313.27
Custom Pad $72.00 $103.50 $153.00 $180.00
Package $189.34 $268.42 $375.51 $493.27

Franchisee Profit Margins

While there is some slight variation in the profit of each cooler, your custom pads will yield 10% back on each purchase, which is not the main profit point. The custom cooler pads allow you to sell your LINE-X coolers at a very profitable price, and push much larger quantities out your doors.

Franchisee Margin
20QT 45QT 75QT 110QT
Coolers 41.33% 42.13% 41.44% 43.04%
Custom Pad 10.00% 10.00% 10.00% 10.00%
Package 32.38% 32.90% 31.73% 34.23%

Proven Profits

The incentive for offering custom cooler pads is obvious here, as the combination offers more to customers while boosting your bottom line.

Franchisee Profit
20QT 45QT 75QT 110QT
Coolers $82.66 $120.08 $157.49 $236.73
Custom Pad $8.00 $11.50 $17.00 $20.00
Package $90.66 $131.58 $174.49 $256.73

What do you need to get started?

  1. Set up your new account with us for your location(s)
  2. Place your order for your showroom-ready dealer package
    • Which includes 6 cooler pad combos, showcasing different colour combinations
  3. Place your order through Keystone to top-up your showroom with a minimum of 10 coolers on display
  4. Learn how to use the system, talk to one of our experts to learn some tips and tricks for success

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