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Rebel Icon Inc. is here to provide a cooler way to brand your Truck Gear by LINE-X Expedition coolers. Over this past summer, we introduced our customized, company-branded pads to the Expedition Coolers in our small local market and had tremendous success! Our pilot store, LINE-X of Lloydminster, had previously struggled to sell any of the Expedition Coolers, selling less than 10 coolers since their arrival to the LINE-X system in 2017. Thanks to the custom pads, LINE-X of Lloydminster eclipsed 400 coolers sold in a little over four months and increased that total to over 600 for the year, including our first Christmas season!

We are very excited for the opportunity to contribute to the success of your franchise and help add to your bottom line! Custom cooler pads from Rebel Icon are now available to all of the Canadian LINE-X franchises. We have designed a few “Franchise Packages” for you to pick from to utilize as advertising pieces for your company; they have proven to be very useful in our market for your showroom, outside sales staff, company barbeques, and overall excellent selling tools. They are great conversation starters when new or existing customers come into your store. The designs for these packages are based on providing a wide variety of colour combinations for your sales team to showcase. When you sign up with us, it will be part of the registration process to order one of the Franchise Packages that are available.

About Rebel Icon Cooler Pads

Built on the Expedition Cooler from LINE-X, your product will consist of a high-grade, UV-stable marine-grade foam pad. These pads perfectly fit LINE-X coolers, and will be sure to make an impression on customers visiting your showroom. The Expedition Coolers are a very high-quality product, and with the addition of our Rebel Icon customized pads, they transform into an exceptional marketing tool that you and your customers will be proud to have your names on. The custom pads offer a great representation of their company logo and truly are a cooler way to brand.

  • High-Quality Construction
  • UV-Stable Product
  • High-Quality Closed-Cell Foam Pad
  • Custom Company Logos for Exceptional Branding
  • CNC Cut for a Reliable Finish
  • Precision Fit for Expedition Coolers
  • Adhesive Backing
  • Two Layer Pads for Colour Dimension
  • Optional Inlays for Additional Detail
  • Optional Three Layer Pads for Additional Colour Representation

You want the quality and durability of your products and services to be synonymous with the LINE-X and Truck Gear brands, by investing in our professional cooler pads, it will yield extremely gratifying and very profitable results. Rebel Icon Inc. specializes in custom graphics for logos of all types, and utilizing detailed inlays, engravings and multiple colour combinations of pad, we provide a very wide range of customization options.

Get the Right Package Today

Getting started is easy! You can create an account through our website and purchase your “Franchisee Packages.” Rebel Icon is here to serve as your one source for top-notch cooler pads, making the process both simple and profitable.

Each preloaded LINE-X package has been designed to offer a wide variety of colour combinations to best showcase the variety of options available to your customers. As it goes, customers often like to “see it, feel it, touch it, move it,” and having custom coolers on display has proven to be the best-selling feature of them. We recommend that each location display a minimum of 6 coolers with the custom pad package plus a tower of 4 bare coolers showcasing the different sizes plus a before and after scenario. If you have other company logos for your LINE-X location, you may want to add an additional cooler with your logo plus additional units showcasing some of your completed coolers for your local market as time goes on.


Complete Options

Each package will provide a full lineup of the LINE-X cooler sizes available with a sample of our customizable covers:

Truck Gear Logo – Black on Blue

LINE-X ‘X’ – Yellow on Black

Truck Gear Tire Tread – Dark Grey on Black

Rebel Icon Inc. – Dark Grey on Red on Black (Three Layers)

Truck Gear Mini Truck – Blue on Black

LINE-X ‘X’ – Yellow on Black

All you’ll need to get started with our cooler pads is a quality vector image. Attach this file after you have signed into your account, with your name and email, along with the size of cooler pad needed (if not purchasing our full package), and you’re set!

Who Needs Our Custom Coolers?

Companies who want to show their appreciation have reached out to Rebel Icon for high-quality gifts. These professionals also invest in customized LINE-X cooler pads from Rebel Icon to advertise their brand and connect the quality of their name with the durability of this industry-leading cooler. From promotional giveaways to contests, rewards, and any other purpose, you’re sure to meet a wide range of needs with this custom cooler pad.

Through our pilot franchise, we were able to obtain very valuable selling techniques for the customized cooler packages; so why were companies buying our customized coolers? 1 - Appreciation Gifts (customers, dealerships, employees) 2 - Sponsorship Events (silent auctions, door prizes) 3 - Corporate Barbeques (showcasing their ice-cold beverages) 4 - Special Event Raffles and Trade Show Giveaways (a purchase of a spray-in liner gets you entered to win this cooler and the products inside) 5 - Employee Awards (safety, years of service)

Let's Get Started

All you’ll need to get started with our cooler pads is a quality vector file. Submit the file once signed into your account, along with the size(s) of cooler pads needed and you’re set! In addition, there will be a minimum order quantity of (five (5) cooler pads.).

This may appear to put you at a bit of a disadvantage, but in our experience, this has helped drive higher volume sales to our customers. We also will be willing to accommodate some marketing/promotional plans by you, the franchise, to help boost your sales and obtain additional customers.

If you are interested in giving a custom company branded cooler to a great customer prospect in your area and are wanting to order a one-off cooler for them, we would ask that you attempt to target 5 different customers and we will work with you to create 5 different one-off coolers to give to the owners/managers of these companies in hopes of landing future sales with them.

Questions and Terminology

What is a Vector File?

This versatile image type relies on mathematical formulas that generate points on a grid. Vector files can be utilized in a wide variety of tasks. If you’re planning on adding a vector file to our site, it can help to know that these files include:
  • .ai — Originating from Adobe Illustrator, this file is normally used for logos and other digital graphics.
  • .eps — While more outdated, Encapsulated PostScript is one vector graphic file type available for use.
  • .pdf — Most clients will rely on Portable Document Format for versatile use across multiple imaging platforms.
  • .svg — Scalable Vector Graphics rely on a commonly used markup language called XML for ideal results for both consumers and computers.

Pad Terms

  • Milling — Cutting through the top colour of the pad to reveal the second (or third) layer of the pad.
  • Engraving — The top layer of the cooler pad has a brushed finish. Our engraving process eliminates this brush finish and creates a slightly indented and smooth finish. You’re left with a smooth finish to generate depth while still highlighting the top layer’s original colour.
  • Inlay — This process cuts out a section of the pad and inserts an independent cooler pad section, typically in a different colour. This process allows for a range of new combinations and custom designs, which can make your logos more accurate.
  • Three Layers — You can elect to add a third layer pad, adding 6 mils of thickness to the pad and allowing the use of a third colour layer/dimension.

Impress Your Customers

These custom cooler pads represent the perfect opportunity for you to boost sales and get more customers in your store. Rebel Icon has found great success through our initial run with LINE-X of Lloydminster, and we’re happy to expand our cooler pad offerings to other stores. This location has one of the smallest markets in the Canadian LINE-X franchise, yet it was able to sell more than 600 units! This factor alone highlights how much market potential cooler pads have in your market. Our team is here to offer professional results throughout the process, increasing your customer satisfaction in addition to your profit margins. With a small amount of work on your end, you can increase your sales on Expedition coolers and other Truck Gear accessories from LINE-X. Your store has the opportunity to generate more income and customer enjoyment. A commitment of four orders per month (20 coolers averaging 45 quarts per unit) gives you the opportunity to make over $30,000 gross profit per year! Enhance your presentation space, sell more truck accessories, and benefit more with less effort thanks to Rebel Icon and our custom pads. We look forward to working with you!