Your truck is a big investment and a valuable part of your inventory. Whether you’re planning on taking on the trails this weekend or working away at the jobsite, it’s important to have a vehicle with the right protection to provide years of quality use. You expect a lot from your truck, and LINE-X of Medicine Hat and LINE-X of Lloydminster are here to help you get the most value out of your investment.

Our LINE-X and truck accessory specialists have the skills, experience, and equipment to provide high-quality results to drivers in need. We founded our business on high-quality wood bed liners, and from there, we expanded into industry-leading truck accessories and more. Regardless of your vehicle needs, Tidy Truck Boxliners and LINE-X of Medicine Hat can provide the support needed to generate a high-quality result.

Before you decide whether or not to invest in this spray-on bed liner, keep reading for a few of the top benefits of utilizing LINE-X as an investment. When you’re ready to get started, feel free to reach out to us for complete assistance!

Achieving a High ROI

The goal of any investment is to achieve a high return on your investment (ROI). Purchasing truck accessories can help to increase the usability and longevity of your vehicle, but if they are poorly designed, it is likely that you will end up losing value on your investment! LINE-X sprays are rated to be the best spray-on bed liners, which is why our team works hard to push the envelope and lead the way in protective coatings across Alberta.

360 Degrees of Protection

The goal of investing in upgrades for your vehicle is to provide the right look as well as the right protection from weather, debris, and more. Years of heavy use can break down the beautiful finish of your truck bed, leaving ugly marks and the possibility for rust infiltration. Instead of watching helplessly year after year as your vehicle’s bed becomes more damaged and dented, you can take action with LINE-X. This coating can provide the right protection, including:

  • Dent resistance — LINE-X has a “shore D” hardness rating, delivering excellent resistance to impacts. Whether you’re loading the bed up with concrete or plan on helping your friend move, this protective coating will keep things safe.
  • Tensile strength — If you’re worried about stressing your protective coating too much, it can help to know that this polyurea coating has a tensile strength of nearly 3,000 kilograms per square inch to protect from stretching and tearing.
  • Seamless protection — LINE-X sprays bond at the chemical level, providing complete protection against moisture and subsequent corrosion.
  • Stain defense — Worried about transporting paint, cleaners, and other caustic chemicals in the bed of your truck? LINE-X delivers proven protection to minimize the concerns. 

Increasing Vehicle Longevity

The goal of nearly any investment in your truck is to make it last longer. Floor mats, grill guards, and a variety of other truck accessories can help to minimize incoming damage and protect the beauty of your vehicle. LINE-X sprays are proven to be the right investment for most vehicles, as this product is built to last. In most cases, your protective coating will outlive the life of your truck itself! This fact alone is why many drivers put their faith in LINE-X of Medicine Hat to install a quality coating.

Amazing Aesthetics

One thing that cannot be denied is the rugged beauty behind LINE-X sprays. The beauty behind this finish comes from the fast-drying capabilities of this polyurea coating, allowing technicians to apply the product vertically without any dripping mess. The result is a smooth, professional finish that looks as if your vehicle just rolled off the factory floor. Drivers across Alberta love the look of their protective coating provided by LINE-X of Medicine Hat and Lloydminster, as our attention to detail and quality customisations achieve an industry-leading satisfaction rate.

When you factor in the long-lasting durability behind LINE-X products, it’s easy to see why this spray-on bed liner is in such high demand. The beauty of your protective coating is designed to last for decades, retaining its value year after year.

Those looking for the best protection can inquire about our different LINE-X coatings, including XTRA, PRO, and more!

Proven Versatility

While we spend a lot of time highlighting the beauty of LINE-X for trucks, the reality is that our protective coatings can be applied to a number of different surfaces. Commercial coatings are ideal for oil field applications, farm equipment, recreational vehicles, and more, and can deliver serious peace of mind for the components subjected to the most wear and tear. Worried about your boat? We got you covered. Industrial water tank? LINE-X can do that, too!

Complete Warranty Coverage

An important part of maximizing your ROI is considering your coverage in the event that something goes wrong. LINE-X sprays come with a complete lifetime warranty in the event that your protective coating ails from bubbling, cracking, or peeling. If you notice any defects in your spray-on bed liner, simply bring your vehicle into any authorized LINE-X dealer for complete repairs. As long as you own your truck, our team has you covered!

In the rare event that damage occurs that is not covered by the warranty, our team will still be able to provide fast and very cost-effective repairs. Our experience and attention to detail minimizes the chances of making mistakes, which is why customers love our work!

Receive Your Estimate Today!

When you consider the lifelong value afforded by LINE-X, it’s easy to see why off-road enthusiasts and working professionals both depend on us for the best results. LINE-X of Medicine Hat and Tidy Truck Boxliners are here to provide industry-leading truck accessories, protective coatings, and more to help our clients take on the challenges of the road with confidence. We work hard to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction, and will be happy to discuss your vehicle needs in order to find the right services and products for the job.

LINE-X sprays are very cost-effective when you consider the lifetime of advantages provided for one simple up-front price. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to request a free estimate for your vehicle or commercial equipment!