Our Product Lines

Tidy Truck Boxliners of Lloydminster and Medicine Hat offer a wide range of truck accessories to help achieve the highest level of value and protection for all drivers. A few of our most popular products include:

Protective Coatings

Spray-on coatings can deliver ideal protection for all of your vehicle’s surfaces, bonding at the chemical level to deliver unsurpassed coverage and longevity. If you’re ready to see the value of LINE-X, click here to learn more about our affordable and colourful protective coatings.

Lighting Upgrades

Light bars, flood lights, and other lighting upgrades can do much to illuminate the road ahead. Many off-road enthusiasts visit our truck stores to find high-quality truck lighting that helps them safely navigate future challenges.

Custom Wood Products

Tidy Trucks specializes in wood liners and storage systems to provide an effective, affordable way to outfit your vehicle for success. Browse our common styles, and be sure to contact us today to learn how you can customize your own wood products.

Tonneau Covers

Working professionals rely on a number of tools and materials to get the job done, all of which can be secured by a long-lasting tonneau cover. Our truck store provides a range of covers to ensure you find an ideal fit!

Truck Canopies

You can find the best truck caps, toppers, and camper shells for sale at each of our locations. Truck canopies expand the storage room of your bed while providing ideal security and protection from the elements.

Tool Boxes/Transfer Tanks

If you have tools you need stored, Tidy Trucks has the tool boxes to professionally handle all of your working needs. We also stock transfer tanks to provide the fuel needed on-site to get the job done.

Bumpers/Grill Guards

Aftermarket bumpers and grill guards provide serious protection for the ends of your vehicle. They look really cool, too! Learn more about the brands we carry here, and be sure to stop by one of our locations to find the truck accessories to match your new bumper.

Cargo Racks/Headache Racks

Storing extra gear overhead can be easy with the right cargo rack. Our truck shop stocks cargo racks and headache racks to outfit trucks for rigid protection and improved storage capabilities.

Hitches/Towing Products

Many contractors rely on trailers and wagons to haul the gear and materials needed to get the job done. Our truck shop stocks the best hitches and towing accessories to improve safety and boost efficiency.

Nerf Bars/Running Boards

If you plan on hitting the trails, aftermarket nerf bars and running boards are the perfect truck accessory to improve the vital components of your vehicle. Browse our product line to learn more about our running boards, and be sure to visit us for professional assistance!

Lifestyle Products

There are many truck accessories available, but what about the extras to make life better? Tidy Truck Boxliners offers a variety of coolers, truck bed air mattresses, and more. Ready to get started? Visit one of our two locations!

Ready to find the right truck accessories for your professional and recreational needs? Visit our truck shops on 50th Ave in Lloydminster or 30th Street SW in Medicine Hat for complete assistance. Looking for an estimate, or have a question? Contact us online or fill out the form below!